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Romantic Duos

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Our Toi-et-Moi Capsule Collection ...

We love the romance of the toi-et-moi rings (you and me in French) which features two same or different shapes/colors of gemstones on the same ring to represent two souls together as one. Our original version was in green and peach tourmaline and we have carried that through to an entire capsule collection of toi-et-moi pieces with green and peach being the refreshing colors of renewal, vitality and optimism.

We have created 3D jewelry images in a second style of ring as well as two styles stud earrings, two styles of pendants and drop earrings, all with the same textural detail and beauty of the gemstones that brings it into modern day.

We were inspired to create a toi-et-moi collection based on both Ariana Grande and Megan Fox’s engagement rings but also due to the history of the style. And you know how we are passionate about mining the past for contemporary inspiration.

The most famous toi-et-moi ring was the one Napoléon Bonaparte gave to Joséphine de Beauharnais in 1796. She became his first wife three weeks later. The ring featured a pear-shaped sapphire and a pear-shaped diamond set together in. Although the marriage ended, Joséphine kept the ring and passed it down to her daughter Hortense, later queen of Holland. It then went to Hortense’s son, Napoléon III, and his wife, Empress Eugénie. It sold at auction for four times it’s estimate.

Toi-et-moi rings were a popular style in the Belle Epoque era and due to their sentimental meaning, they became sought after engagement rings throughout the 20th century.

Different stones were customized later on in the 20th century and still are today such as the couples two birthstones. We can create any of our toi-et-moi style in whatever stones you choose to signify your special relationship.

We also loved playing off of the rings for gifts for any occasion.

Here’s to the one you love. May your souls be connected everlasting.


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