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Beyond The Sea

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We are really feeling Bobby Darin’s 1959 hit song “Beyond The Sea” at the moment. Marine life is one of the strongest trends as we head in to spring/summer 2023 and we have got it covered. From underwater sea life, to plants that grows near exotic aquatic locals, we have translated this trend into earrings, pendants and ring that will be your go-to jewels for the warm weather for tropical or closer to home ocean vacations. You can of course wear these pieces at work, for cocktails and hanging out in the mountains. Wherever it suits you.

We have been inspired by the texture of coral reefs, the shapes and colors and all the beauty you see while diving underwater, the tranquil colors of peaceful tides and the crystalline blue/greens of the Mediterranean.

Here are some of our favorites that we hope will be yours too!

Jember Stud Earrings are informed by the singular shapes of tropical flora. They are crafted in 18K yellow gold; the form echoes the ruffles of palm leafs. A scattering of round-cut diamonds adds a chic shimmer to the surface, as though raindrops caught in the plant’s crisp pleats.

Stud Earrings

Vitania Mosaic Climber Earrings celebrate the enchantment of the deep sea and are crafted from 18K blackened gold. The sleek shape is a contemporary homage to the seahorse, encrusted with a vibrant selection of shimmering pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds that burst with unexpected underwater colors - image below a made-to-order matching necklace.

Jewelry Pendant / Necklace

Fasika Ear Climber / Studs borrow their fluid form from sea plants swaying in the current. The stems are cast from 18K white gold and set with diamonds that glisten like light refracted through crystalline ocean water, while tsavorites highlight the delicate 18K blackened gold.

Jewelry Ear Climber / Ear Studs

Maryam Stud Earrings in 18K blackened draws on the majesty of waves. The studs can also be worn as ear climbers. Set with blue sapphires to underscore the collection’s oceanic inspiration, with a single diamond on each earring channeling the positive energy of the sun.

Fine Jewelry 18kt gold Ear Studs

The aquamarine and multi-sapphire 18K white gold ring is inspired by the warmth and serenity of the Caribbean. Rubies and pink sapphires represent the colors of exotic flora, while sapphires graduating from white to navy represent the endless blue skies above. The jewel in the crown is a large oval-cut aquamarine that shimmers like the crystalline waters of the ocean under the tropical sun.

18kt gold ring

Taytu Stud Earrings in 18k gold take their cues from the protective spines of a lion-fish, represented with elegant prongs in yellow gold set with white diamonds and boldly contrasting blackened gold peppered with dramatic black diamonds.

18kt gold Earrings

Hewan Stud Earrings are A playful yet chic pair of precious gemstone stud earrings for women inspired by the tropical colors and organic forms of coral. The front is set with a dazzling array of rubies and diamonds whose romantic, sparkling palette captures the natural underwater glow of the reef. Image below with made-to-order matching necklace.

18kt gold jewlery necklace and earrings


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