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Like A Heatwave

All over the U.S. sweltering heat and humidity took over most of August and it started me wondering what the best jewelry to wear when the temperature soars –which to me means easy, lightweight and less pieces that still make a statement. It means autumnal colors to signal that fall will soon be here and even if we have an Indian Summer---autumnal colors that are such a force of nature will soon be taking over the leaves.

Here are some of my favorites from greenery to a floral palette of spring to the change of seasons to get our mind off of how hot it is right now. And I have chosen pieces that tend to be cheerful to give us hope that this new curve ball (delta variant) we have been thrown in the pandemic will soon drop in numbers, like the heat.

As Martha Reeves and The Vandella’s sang “Love is like a heatwave” and we are loving earrings and one statement ring for the rest of August’s brutal temperatures.

Fasika Ear Climber / Studs provide a wonderful alternative to a classic stud. And the tsavorites really make the earrings pop with the greenery of leaves, allowing us to think of the soft breeze of spring.

Mentewab Ear Climbers / Studs 18K gold and diamonds evoke autumn and wearing the glow of gold in your ears now will almost cool you down while looking hot and sexy.

Lidya Stud Earrings are the perfect go-anywhere earrings – any season, any time of the day. They will keep you looking refreshed even when it’s sweltering.

Citrine Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Statement Ring adds a pop of color that evokes the first signs of autumnal colors. It’s versatile, easy to wear and a ring that can stand on its own.

Opal, Yellow and Pink Sapphires and Diamonds 18K Gold Ring is a larger statement ring with more colors and more detail work. Wear a pair of a climbers or studs with this ring and that is all you will need for the what’s left of summer and beyond.


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