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In pursuit for a meaningful inspiration, the designer trip to the majestic country of Costa Rica in 2007 served as an inspiration for its Pure Life collection. A hiking trip into the deep tropical rain forest mountain of Monte Verde, a place where beautiful exotic plants exists intact and unexploited high in the mountain where the clouds drift through the forest, Yokabid recalls a moment standing atop on the continental divide, captivated by the beauty of the ambiance and scenery as a whole. Thus sparked a spark of creative insight, reminding her the country’s unique expression “Pura Vida”, a proverb that has much more meaning in Costa Rican culture, mainly associated with “purity in life” and there – an inspiration struck! For the jewelry designer, led by pure intuition, was an appropriate timing and named her first collection: Pure Life. This is part of a continuous series of collections where the designer dedicated thousands of designs continually over the years. In celebration of originality and pure vision, for the designer it is an entire universe of elegant jewelries comprising of unique designs for every possible wander.​______________________________________________________________​

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