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Creative freedom is at the heart of all Yoki designs. Whether drawing on the organic contours of a Saharan lake or the precision engineering of a jet engine, each reference is interpreted through the uninhibited artistic lens of the brand's founder.

Yokabid Worku's affinity for nature, keen eye for architecture and instinctive approach to design define the signature style of Yoki: Vibrant and innovative statement jewelry. Along with daring palettes and singular forms, function is a key consideration, ensuring that the wearer feels as beautiful and unique as the jewelry itself.

Working with the finest materials and makers is imperative to elevating Yoki pieces into luxurious works of art. Naturally drawn to the extravagant tones and textures that set her collections apart, Yokabid hand-picks the individual gemstones for all of her designs. These materials are then meticulously set by artisans, who share Yoki's passion and respect for the art of jewelry making.  

Since launching in 2007, Yoki has been internationally lauded. Along with its reputation among industry insiders, Yoki has consistently featured in renowned publications including Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper and WWD, among others.



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