For all intents and purposes, when conceptualizing a design up to rendering all of the visions into a finished jewelry, Yokabid upholds the brand’s core value of maintaining creative freedom in lieu of comparing or competing to meet a particular style or trend.   Thus having no limitations or restrictions continues to allow the designer to fully unleash her creativity and let an inspiration rise through the design process giving the special owner of the finished jewelry creation, the ultimate lasting experience to feel beautiful at every turn.  


The designer’s appreciation for fine works of The Arts instills a discipline on the brand to maintain a deeper respect for jewelry designs exhibiting a high degree of creativity, innovation and uniqueness.   Further to give its owner refined luxury looks and ensure that each piece is not just for decoration purpose but meets functional excellence, a sense of curation all interconnected takes place throughout the design process.   Fearless to taking no vision too lightly and closely observing the world around her for a possible inspiration, her designs continue to lead to a beautiful glittering work of spectacular art.                        


With no formal training, relaying only on her intuitive feel for how the finished design look, weaves her inspiration in leading up to the finished design. For the designer, a flash of an inspiration is almost always the starting point, often inspired by the natural world but also by architecture, culture and seldom by a special gem, leading to a collection or to a single exquisite one-of-a-kind work of art leaving the final design with a distinct appeal and individuality.  For Yokabid, like any gemstone, each jewelry design has an identity allowing it to make a statement in its own right.  

Reflecting on an aerial image of Lake Boku located amongst series of lakes in the Sahara Desert, in North-Eastern Chad; An architecture while strolling through the streets of Paris France; or

an ornate door knob while walking in the town of Zanzibar Tanzania

all the way to the tropical rainforest that the designer saw in

Costa Rica – resulted in luxurious jewelry works of art. 







The Power of stones is limitless in principle, each unique and beautiful in its own right, once set brings life into the jewelry design making the jewel totally irresistible.   YOKI’s jewelry designs assert the brand’s exclusivity in its blend of graceful creations of color harmony.   Sourcing for the right gemstones is always an exciting and enticing process, for the designer, who hand picks them all for each jewelry design.   For the designer, to be in the presence of intensely saturated vibrant gemstones exhibiting complete color harmony, it sparks an inspiration at times.   



The Jewelry making technique and discipline, a specialized skill on its own right, is a critical step in which YOKI draws on the history and tradition of jewelry making legacy to bring a human touch to its brand experience.   In collaboration with those equally passionate and respectful for the art and the heritage of jewelry craftsmanship, the brand meticulously works to bring each of YOKI’s jewelry design into a finished Work of Art.   

As the brand continues to uphold the drive for excellence and devotion to working with quality craftsmanship, it is in this intense labor of love and commitment of countless hours from gold smithing, cutting, gem-setting and polishing where the design rises to a finished piece and quality control takes place.   Commanding quality throughout this complex process, in turn compliments the blue print of each jewelry design, a critical phase of the brand’s discipline to turn YOKI’s jewel into a dazzling lasting impression.