Filled with a natural passion for Jewelry design and taste for the world of opulent objects of arts, jewelry designer, Yokabid Worku is the creative force behind YOKI. Driven by her intuition, Yokabid also known as Yoki masterminds its exceptional creations with discerning taste, leaving her mark on every piece designed for YOKI.  

As a young girl, growing up in Ethiopia, the designer recalls childhood memories filled with rich cultural influence and the natural scenery of the African savannah. Nature’s infinite rich palette of beautiful flowers, the bright colored butterflies and the ornamentation of elegant formal gardens permanently influenced Yokabid. The minute details, the shapes and veins, the intensity of blooming colorful flowers in the garden – was a happy place where she spent hours studying the forms around her and used to get inspired and create earrings, rings, tiaras, and hair pins out of flowers. 

Like the time, where the designer recalls using Passion flower, a flower with unique and elaborate structure, and wrapping it around her finger using its veins to replicate a ring. Independent of fixed idea, full of emotion, purpose, and vision, this is where Yokabid’s passion of unleashing her creativity began. For the designer, this is not just jewelry but also an expression of Art. Nowadays as her jewelry designs evolve, she continues to translate her visions into luxurious statement jewelries using percious metals, diamonds, natural colored gemstones, and pearls.


Born in Addis Abeba, the capital city of Ethiopia, Yokabid Worku spent her childhood in Ethiopia with her parents and her two siblings.   A magical country, home to stunning Aksumite artifacts of dazzling jewels which dates back 2,000 year-old, with an extensive collection of classical Ethiopian religious arts and musical, the source of the Blue Nile to lush mountains and the Great Rift Valley which altogether permanently inspired her.  

As a kid, the designer was equally recognized for her drawings and paintings which she embraced growing up in every way possible to further cultivate and harvest her skills.   As a young girl, the designer, once cut and held the biggest rose from the family’s garden against her ear, and told a family member “one day – my jewelry would be this big”, now replicates her visions.   So much so when you have an interest, it’s like water – it finds its way in every aspect of your life.   To put into context, she was captivated by the natural world that surrounded her, culture, and architecture which inspired her visions filled with emotions and her signature style of jewelry making.               





At the start of the brand’s adventure, for the creative force Yokabid, a presentation aligned with that of the brands unique jewelry creations was crucial to evoke an aura of nobility, quality, power, and exclusivity. Accordingly, Yokabid meticulously designed the brand’s logo, to give the brand its exclusive crest in the world of luxury.  


The exclusive Virginia-based American brand, YOKI LLC, was established in 2007, offering exquisite jewelry works of arts.   In spring 2007, a trip to Costa Rica inspired the designer to create and launch the brand’s first collection: Pure Life comprised of exceptional luxurious jewelries reflecting the brand’s originality of its jewelry work of arts.  


That launch was quickly followed string of honors, a beautiful splendid turquoise ring on the cover of a Jewelry Industry Magazine in 2010 and later another piece won the prestigious Jewelers’ Choice Awards in 2011, in full swing, is how the first phase of YOKI started.  The designer, bound by conviction and purpose to create gorgeous, sensational, fun, impulsive, powerful, and captivating one-of-a-kind jewelry work of arts, continues to manifest her inspirations through the brand’s range of luxurious jewelries and remains part of people lives in celebration of life.