Yokabid Worku's passion for jewelry and nature can be traced back to her childhood in Ethiopia. Here, she would spend long hours in her family garden absorbed by the intense shapes and shades of the flora, selecting the most prized petals to transform into ephemeral accessories. Now based in Virginia, Yokabid has turned that beloved pastime into her life's work.

Following a fulfilling career in business management, she decided to pursue a more artistic path. Yoki was established in 2007, taking its moniker from the founder's nickname. With no formal training, Yokabid has refined an innate ability to translate her observations of the world around her into luxurious expressions of beauty.

With each collection, the designer has continued to celebrate exuberant natural forms as well as the striking details of architecture with her vibrant one-of-a-kind creations. Guided by her creative instincts, Yokabid does not make jewelry. She makes art.