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Must-have Pieces

A new addition to our Coco Collection, I designed these earrings with the glow of gold and diamonds, which can be paired with any modern’s woman’s wardrobe. The idea for the earrings offer a striking yet minimalist take on the snake motif. I chose to be more subtle and sculptural in my iteration of the serpent in mid to large size stud earrings.

These are ultra-chic for the woman who doesn’t want such a distinctive motif but appreciates and is drawn to the shape of snakes in jewelry.

As always, my goal is to balancing volume, form and texture with a sprinkling of diamonds. These happen to be scattered asymmetrically on the earring to imbue it with a more organic feeling. Nature once again informs my designs as I add new everyday must-have pieces to the collection.

The snake has multiple meanings throughout history and will depend on the woman who is wearing them what resonates, with her most. Their symbolism ranges from rebirth and renewal as the snake sheds its skin which is akin to starting a new. It also alludes to enduring, everlasting love, which first became a popular meaning in the Victorian era after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an entwined snake engagement ring.

Clients ask me my process and I love to share how the designs go from a concept in my head to pieces of fine jewelry to wear and cherish. I start out with an idea for a design and the go onto the sketch. Then, I send it off to the finest of craftsmen to hand-carved the wax model who work to ensure utmost attention to details from my sketch are captured. Next, the wax model is cast and a mold is made and so I can recreate the earrings again with the hand-finishing and texture that is always a key to the luxury of Yoki Creations.


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