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Good as Gold

In my last blog, we talked about my sea life collection and we have talked about color in multiple blogs—but what is at the base of all my collections is gold—glistening, glowing gold. And when it’s a piece that doesn’t feature color, then it is yellow gold, which has been trending and evolving for quite some time.

Yellow gold tends to enhance a women’s natural beauty, goes with most complexions and adds a subtle glimmer around the face in earrings and necklaces. It also lends itself to all silhouettes and multiple textures. I have created quite a number of earrings in 18K yellow gold that range in shape, all are accented by the twinkle of diamonds (and why not add a little more sparkle around the face).

Here are five of my favorite 18K yellow gold earrings at present.

Coiling Around:

The finely textured finish and the sculptural form draws on the fluid movement of a serpent gliding along the forest floor, with splashes of sunlight bursting through the canopy depicted by glittering round-cut bezel-set diamonds.

Serpent Stud Earrings

Geometry Rules:

These large stud earrings are cast in clusters of sharp geometric shapes with contrasting highly polished and matte finishes symbolic of dappled sunlight seen on the tropical forest floor. Set with dainty diamonds that catch the light as though streaming through a canopy of exotic flora.

Large Stud Earrings

Nature’s Bounty:

The voluptuous forms twinkle with diamonds, as though streaks of sunlight filtering through lush underwater forests. A transitional, versatile style that can be worn either as a stud or an ear climber. The highly polished finish has a warm, energizing quality that elevates every look for any occasion.

Star Studded:

Delicate detailing and a harmonious blend of textures imbues these round stud earrings a contemporary appeal. Spherical in shape, these studs give a nod to starfish, getting more creative rather than imitating the motif. Fine carvings set with brilliant diamond accent a highly polished finish on the front which reflects light around the face.. The tranquil scene is complete with a coral reef-inspired motif on the back.

Jewelry 18kt gold stud earrings

Tropical Treasures:

Informed by the singular shapes of tropical flora, these scaled-up stud earrings create a spirited sculptural statement jewelry. The festive form echoes the fan-like fronds of ruffled palms. A scattering of round-cut diamonds adds a chic shimmer to the surface, as though raindrops caught in the plant’s crisp pleats.

18kt Gold Jewelry Stud Earrings


18k gold stud Earrings, Jewelry for woman

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