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Broaching The Topic of Brooches

We have been designing brooches ever since we launched our collection in 2007. And we have believed in the versatility, ease of wear and the multiple functions a brooch has in a jewelry wardrobe. And, although the big houses as well as the smaller independents have been bringing the brooch back into their collections; while antique and vintage brooches have become popular again in the estate arena, it has been slow for consumers to catch on. This is even when they see them on both female and male A-listers at awards shows or the high jewelry collections who went back to their archives and revived their most iconic styles.

But see three brooches on Rihanna’s Loewe outfit and brooches are being talked about and written about in editorials and featured all over social media. But then again, Rihanna has been known to inspire several trends.

Here are our brooches which also have a loop in the back so they can also double as pendants!

And the way we like to wear them: let me suggest the ways:

In well curated bunch like those Rihanna wore

-- Mixed up themes to add color and inivduality to an outfit

--Multiples on a lapel on a blazer or on the side of a simple black sleeveless cocktail dress or cashmere cardigan.

--on the sleeve or pocket of a blazer

--in the center of a long chain to create a bolo effect.

--on a wide ribbon wrapped around the wrist and then printed with a brooch as a bracelet or, as a woman's cravat inspired look using a wide velvet or heavier grosgrain ribbon with a brooch or brooches attached to it.

--on the back of a deep v-cocktail dress for an exit making allure.

--laid back on a jean jacket or on a hat as long as it is secured.

There are numerous ways to wear, even more than we have mentioned. The best way is to get out the brooches your grandmother gave you that you haven't worn and mix them with one or more of our more contemporary styles. Finally thank you Rihanna - we think you have brought back the brooch.


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