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Updated: May 25, 2022

Jewelry worn in the hair was a major trend at the recent 2022 MET Gala. From tiaras to barrettes to brooches worn in the hair, the celebrities wore these ornamental accessories with their hair up or down.

At YOKI we have you covered with this trend with three outstanding brooches that can be worn with bobby pins in the color of your hair holding them in place.

We also love our ear climbers on ribbon to be worn in the hair. Just pierce the ribbon with the part that goes through your ear and then put the post on the back and voila you have created your own bandeau, diadem or headband.

Here are the styles we recommend for these chic and regal look:

The Brooches:

Our Yellow sapphires, Pink Tourmaline and Diamonds 18k Yellow Gold Brooch-Pendant will look stunning worn it the back of a chignon updo. Remember to fasten in as many bobby pins as need to keep the brooch in place.

Our Green Amethyst and Diamonds 18K Gold Brooch-Pendant is the perfect answer to a large barrette to wear with your hair parted to the side with soft curls resting around your shoulders. The color goes with just about anything in your wardrobe and it is perfectly suited to a suit, little black dress (LBD) or a printed maxi dress, and so prevalent this season.

Diamonds and Blue Sapphires convertible 18K White Gold Serpent Brooch-Pendant. This snake with climb up any updo a bold yet elegant entrance and exit making statement.

The Ear Climbers:

Both the Fasika Ear Climber in these tsavorite and blackened 18K gold and the gold sprinkle with diamond Mentewab Ear Climbers will both look sensational in a few different configurations on the ribbon. You can wear them both to one side, wear them on top of the ribbon so the form almost what seems like a crown or they can be worn on the left and right of the ribbon. The point is to have fun and get the most out of your jewelry—convert, transform—and you will get mileage and longevity out of your YOKI pieces.


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