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Brooching It!

“I have always loved the convertible brooch/pendant,” says Yoki Collections designer, Yokabid Worku. My grandmother wore them and I would play with them and figure out different places to pin them on sweaters and dresses.”

“I knew I needed to design these styles for my collection and three of my favorites are based on naturalistic forms,” Yokabid continues.

As Yoki Collections launched, she noticed that she was on target with the return of the brooch on the runways, red carpets and the renowned jewelry houses.

Yoki Collections brooches are on par with those created in high jewelry—the precise craftsmanship and ingenuity in design are all an integral part of each of our designs.

Our vibrant yellow sapphires, pink tourmaline and diamonds brooch/pendant represents a butterfly landing on tiny clusters of blooming yellow flowers.

One of our first and favorite brooch/pendant is our green amethyst and diamond starburst style, which is also perhaps the easiest to work with and style. We see it on the shoulder or center of a cocktail dress when work as a brooch or as a choker on velvet or an ultra long chain as a pendant.

Our sapphire and diamond snake pendant and brooch brings a popular motif throughout history into our contemporary collection—the snake representing eternal love, the diamonds endurance and the sapphires, fidelity and loyalty! This piece is not only chic and timeless—it’s also filled with romance and meaning.

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