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Historical periods of jewelry and Cross over motifs and themes...

Had so much fun two weeks ago at my first time at OMBAS (The Original Miami Beach Antique Show.

It was huge with at least 400 jewelry dealers that specialized in specific centuries or featured jewelry that ranged from Georgian to ‘70s Vintage.

There were also many signed pieces from renowned houses to be seen: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari, to name just a few. I am particularly in awe of the ability of these four houses to create jewelry that changed with the times. For example, Cartier was one of the major proponents of Art Deco jewelry yet they designed awe inspiring pieces in the mid 20th-century as well.

I noticed that there was definitely a cross over in what was being shown in antique jewelry with what modern designers like myself are creating now.

I was happy to see that I was right on track with my pendants that can also be worn as brooches as they are back in a big way in all time periods, particularly, Victorian, Edwardian and mid 20th century.

Snake motifs were hugely popular in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. They became ‘the motif to own’ in all jewelry after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an emerald serpent ring. They grew to mean enduring love throughout these time periods and then were the rage in all classification of jewelry. The size of my snake pendant/brooch makes an impact without overstatement. I believe in stand out pieces but never those that could detract, only add to a woman’s own style.

Blue Sapphires and Diamonds set in 18K White Gold

My naturalistic brooch with diamonds and a green Amethyst center stone reminds me of some of the Edwardian pieces I saw at the show. It is another piece that is a wonderful size for wearing either way.

Diamonds and Green Amethyst, set in blackened 18K yellow gold

As we look ahead to the final awards presentation of red carpet season, there are a number of other pieces that are trending in antiques, on A-list celebrities and in my collection. Stay tuned for my coverage of the awards in the coming week!

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