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Do you have a favorite film that you think of when you wear a piece of jewelry or vis versa?

We always love awards season and this year when it came back live with red carpet arrivals, we were in awe of the way in which the stars light up the night and we aren’t talking constellations but the A-list actresses and their glittering singular necklaces, hair ornaments, statement rings and every style of earrings. We were most impressed with Cannes and the wonderful collection that Chopard, partners with the Cannes Film Festival for 25 years designed as this year’s Red-Carpet collection with 75 styles, all of which gave a nod to a film since the theme of the collection was “I Love Cinema” for the film festivals 75th anniversary. Bulgari and Chaumet were at the top of our list as well as some of the more edgy designers such as Messika.

Our jaws dropped when we saw Julia Robert’s in the Chopard 100+ carat yellow diamond suspended from a white diamond necklace and Anne Hathaway in a similar silhouette of necklace from Bulgari with a huge sapphire in the center. We were thrilled to see Elle Fanning with a diamond bow in her hair and Viola Davis with a bird of paradise brooch in hers.

Here are some of our styles that echo what we loved about Cannes and the styling—our transformable pieces that can be worn as necklaces, brooches and hair ornaments with a few bobby pins and our earrings that evoke the magic of the sky and sea in our own homage to movies old and new.

Our Tourmaline Diamond Charm two-tone gold knot Ring is pure romance and it is also a little unexpected so we dedicated this one to Holiday in which Cary Grant’s character is engaged to Katherine Hepburn’s character but they realize they are more suited to each other. Also, Hepburn wears Verdura for Paul Flato in the film and we are big fans of that time period in jewelry.

Taytu Stud Earrings remind us of Blade Runner in their edgy approach. Yet they are still elegant and will allow you to pile your bracelets up your wrist or stack your rings on every finger like the A-listers did on the red carpet.

Who could ever forget Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra surround by snake jewelry our Diamonds and Blue Sapphires convertible 18K White Gold Brooch-Pendant is our ode to the film, serpent jewelry and pieces that can be worn as pendants, brooches and in the hair. This one would also work perfectly as a ‘man brooch”.

While this totally reminded us of Elle Fannings bow in the hair or if it were worn as a pendant could echo the larger size of Julia and Anne’s pendants on the red carpet, there is also a pretty, feminine vibe—almost fairytale like to our Amethyst, Yellow Sapphires & Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold Brooch-Pendant which recalls Belle in Beauty And The Beast

Think Pink and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face with these pretty on the lobes Rose Quartz Tsavorite Diamond 18K Gold Stud Earrings which are perfect for wearing with a statement necklace without interfering with its beauty.

Blue Lagoon will inspire you to think of first love and this Aquamarine and multi-sapphire 18K white gold ring is one to lust after and the perfect singular ring to wear or can be worn on the same hand as a stack of simple eternity bands in diamond or sapphires or both.

Fit for A Princess these Purple Rain Amethyst Diamond 18K Gold Drop Earrings are long and swingy and completely red-carpet worthy.

Do you have a favorite film that you think of when you wear a piece of jewelry or vis versa—if so, write in and let us know—we could customize any piece to suit your desire for the elegance of the red carpet and the glamour of Hollywood in its heyday.


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