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Original designs copyrighted by YOKI.

Malachite Sterling Silver Cufflinks

  • Uniformly ordered columns, the meticulously measured components of a jet engine, the sharp lines that divide the glass façade of a skyscraper: The precision, structure and symmetry of contemporary engineering provides the blueprints for the Modern Architecture collection. These inspirations are reimagined as luxury cufflinks that fuse angular sterling silver forms with gemstones that add an instinctive shock of color to each design as a refined nod to the intersection of nature and man.


    Reference: Malachite Sterling Silver Cufflinks

    Style: Cufflinks, T-bar back

    Material: Sterling Silver

    Setting Style: Claw setting

    Gemstone: Malachite

    Shape: Semi-flat

    Cutting Style: Square

    Gemstone Size: 12mmx12mm

    Dimensions:  1.6mm W x 1.9mm L (approx.)


    Each creation is either entirely handmade or hand finished.   As a result, slight variations in gemstone quantities and carat weights may occur from one creation to the next. Price may also be subject to change. Any question consult


    Limited edition designer cufflinks numbered and engraved with YOKI’s trademark, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  All sales are final. Expected shipment five to ten business days.

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