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Original designs copyrighted by YOKI.

Aquamarine and multi-sapphire 18K white gold ring

  • The warmth and exuberance of the Caribbean reimagined as a vibrant statement ring. Set in highly polished 18k white gold, rubies and pink sapphires brim with the colors of exotic flora, while sapphires graduating from white to navy represent the endless blue skies above. The jewel in the crown is a large oval-cut aquamarine that shimmers like the crystalline waters of the ocean under the tropical sun.


    Reference: Aquamarine and multi-sapphire white gold ring

    Style: Ring

    Material: 18K White Gold, Highly polished

    Setting Style: Prong

    Gemstone: Aquamarine

    Shape: Oval

    Cutting Style: Faceted

    Dimensions: 15.82x11.01x8.0mm

    Weight: 9.54ct.

    Side Stones: 33 deep blue Sapphires, 20 Light blue sapphires, 18 white sapphire, 24 light pink sapphires and 28 Ruby.


    Each creation is either entirely handmade or hand finished. As a result, slight variations in gemstone quantities and carat weights may occur from one creation to the next. Price may also be subject to change.

    Any question consult


    Limited edition designer jewelry engraved with YOKI’s trademark and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  All sales are final. Expected shipment five to ten business days.

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