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Turning Over a New Leaf

I believe in new beginnings, rejuvenation and how nature features this in its inherent beauty which was part of the inspiration for my CoCo collection. In my last blog I talked about hope in as we enter 2021 after such challenging times. I think we need some new beginnings as well but I always have thought that a new year should bring new attitudes, new creativity and the changes we want to make in our lives but have been putting off. I often find my inspiration in the simple things we see but might not notice right away and that is usually found anywhere from lust tropical forests to the hiking in the woods, examining the night’s sky and/or going deep into the wondrous and intriguing jewels of the sea.

For this blog I am focusing on the tropical palm tree leaves, textural bark patterns and colors in exotic locales and translate them into high polished gold such as my super stud lively tsavorite and yellow gold earrings or my hand textured bark for different styles of studs and drop earrings.

I am also a huge fan of transformable and convertible earrings and have designed in this collection a laurel of leaves in high polished gold around a pave diamond stud earring. The surround of the leaf motif can be removed and the studs can be worn alone. And there are a lot more styles that you can change up within the collection.

Other styles are more abstract of sun streaking through the leaves of trees in high polish and matte finished pieces with diamonds acting as the sun’s rays.

Pendants are made to order for this collection as we want to be sure of the size and exact colors you would like to match or intermingle with the existing earrings and to personalize your pieces just for you.


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