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The Ultimate Illuminations

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The Ultimate Illuminations—Combining Pantone’s Colors of The Year In Jewelry

Who would have thought Pantone’s two colors of 2021 would work so well in jewelry. But they do. Illuminating which is a yellow evoking a lively sunny hue and the Ultimate Gray which is a neutral sophisticated grey feels almost in contrast with each other but it is in the contrast that creates the beautiful subtle nuances in jewelry. For Yoki, these colors play out in subdued ways and feel more natural than some other versions of these color mixes.

The combination of these two colors take shape in our Raindrops on Roses earring collection, in citrine and diamonds.

In our newer collections, it’s the mix of yellow gold and diamonds that create the contrast in a variety of earrings including our Diamond and 18K yellow gold interchangeable earrings with pave diamond centers and a leaf shape surround in high polished gold.

Another style that hits the mark of the color trend are our CoCo 18K gold brushed and high polished gold with diamond accent earrings that evoke an abstract study of the sun shining through exotic leaves.

Two stud earrings from our Ocean Princess collection with diamond set sea stars and another pair with burnished diamonds set into brushed textured gold also lend a elegant feeling to the new colors of the year.

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