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The Look of Love

At Yoki, we believe in romance, heartfelt sentiment and a token or keepsake to show a loved one how much you care. We also believe in self-care, self-love and the self-purchasing of jewelry. This is a holiday we all can celebrate. Lovers can gift each other, mothers or fathers can show their daughters how much they are loved and we can show ourselves how much we are worth a piece that will add sparkle to our day and twinkle in our eye.

Here are some our suggestions for Valentine’s day. We have curated a selection that ranges in price and look depending on for whom you are purchasing. Go romantic or streamlined, choose pieces with a enchanting fantastical feeling or those that can be worn everyday:

Tie A Yellow Ribbon: This Amethyst, Yellow Sapphires & Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold Brooch Pendant is perfect for women who love transformable jewelry that offer two looks in one, evoke a regal character and pieces that are bold enough to make a statement.

Raindrops on Roses: These earrings from my earlier collection continue to be a favorite among clients—maybe it’s the way they cascade and move with the body or the different colors they are available in—their length, which works for evening so well but can also be worn as the sole jewel with a T-shirt and jeans. Here we show it in white topaz which can be worn with anything In your wardrobe and has a true feeling of raindrops trickling down on roses.

Don’t Pass Me By: Bypass rings have become popular again—They first were fashionable in the late 19th and early 20th century. This one is a riff on the antique and vintage styles with modern spheres for women who like a more contemporary look yet also desire a little romance which the rubies—which mean passion—provide.

Somewhere Beyond The Sea: My Maryam Stud Earrings are from my new Ocean Princess collection which is inspired by the magic and mysteries of marine life. They are blue sapphire and diamond 18K gold blackened earrings that sit on the earlobes perfectly.

The Look of Love: My Mentewab Ear Climbers are perfect for the woman who wants a lot of look on their lobe without curating an “ear party”. These are sophisticated and chic.

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