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The Hot Tropics

The U.S. is opening up to a more normal way of life and with that comes summer vacations. Depending on where we are allowed to travel, I prefer to be in an exotic locale with sun gleaming through palm trees, tropical leaves swaying in the breeze, vivid botanicals, and the colorful and mysterious life under the sea—from coral reefs to plants that are part of marine life.

This is the type of jewelry to which I have dedicated my new collections. There is a joyous vibrancy as well as a fantastical vibe to island destinations and the pieces inspired by them. You can wear them in the city, the country, by the pool or lake or anywhere your summer takes you. Most important are the earrings you will want to bring which are outfit changers.

Throw on a sarong and a T-shirt over a swimsuit with a pair of my Ocean Princess Vitania Mosaic Ear Climber in pink sapphire, tsavorite and 18K gold. Their sensual and sleek shape is a contemporary homage to the seahorse, encrusted with a vibrant selection of shimmering pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds that burst with unexpected underwater colors. A playful pair of stud earrings for women with versatile styling options.

For daytime, exploring the magical secret discoveries of tropical island living in an easy flowing dress and panama straw hat with the glimmer of these gold Ocean Princess Mentewab Ear Climbers / Studs in 18K yellow gold. The intricate design evokes deep sea flora. The voluptuous forms twinkle with diamonds, as though streaks of sunlight filtering through lush underwater forests. A transitional, versatile style that can be worn either as a stud or an ear climber earring.

For evenings when dress upped up in a strapless cocktail dress or sensual tank and wide leg pants for dinner and dancing under the stars, my CoCo collection Menen Transformable Stud Earrings are just perfect. They are transformable 18K gold earrings so they can be worn in two different ways. This versatile design can be worn with or without the floral outer frame. Delicate garlands of highly polished yellow gold leaves evoke the hope and positivity of new growth, while the meticulous swirl of round-cut pavé diamonds at the center depict a burst of light.

Another stunning look for evening with the lushness of the greenery are my CoCo collection Lemlem Stud Earrings. They are available in tsavorite diamond in 18K yellow gold earrings which add a happy burst of color to any look. The striking silhouette takes inspiration from verdant palm tree fronds reaching towards the sky, emphasized with sparkling tsavorites and diamonds offset by an 18K blackened gold setting. Interspersed with swathes of highly polished 18k yellow gold representing rays of sunshine.

For earrings you will never want to take off—but we suggest you do for swimming so one or both don’t have the opportunity to get lost are our Ocean Princess Sea Star Bri Diamond 18K yellow gold stud earrings with delicate detailing and a harmonious blend of textures. These are a more toned-down pair that are informed by the mysterious worlds of underwater creatures, fine carvings set with brilliant diamonds recall the elegant forms of starfish shimmering beneath the surface of the ocean. The tranquil scene is complete with a coral reef-inspired motif on the back of the spherical shape.

Whichever earrings you choose, you will be able to feel the sun, see the rays of light, the lush greenery and the magic of the shining down after a day of exploring the mysteries and nooks and crannies of different parts of the sea.


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