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Rays of Light Collection: Inspired by a Brighter future

This is the first blog I have written since the start of the pandemic. I have wanted to

provide a message that would be insightful and helpful at these most challenging times. During the time I was locked down, I was able to clear my mind each day by creating inspiration boards, sketching and eventually designing and producing few new small collections that I have added to my line. Now that they are all finished, I felt it was time to begin to blog and communicate, at least virtually with all of you.

The first blog I believe should be devoted to the New Year and the inspiration behind my Rays of Light collection which is Hope. Hope for a brighter future, for safety, health and to bring joy back into our lives, to be able to see loved one and show them how we feel with a tight hug.

Hope for me also encompasses a world where understand, empathy, living together in peace and harmony and allowing the world to share one goal—to work together to rid itself of hate, racism, anti-semitism. To rid ourselves of anything else that gets in the way of a universal understanding of our differences that make us unique and reveals our humanity that allows us to be flawed but filled with love for all of our sisters and brothers around the globe.

Rays of light is inspired by the sky and the sun rising and shining through the trees, allowing us to experience a new day and to recognize beauty and the precious moment we see in the sky, in a field of flowers, in the beauty of vibrant colors as the sun then sets –to rise again.

This collection includes statement rings with the most glorious of gemstones such as Ethiopian Opal center ring with a surround which evokes the sun’s rays in yellow, Light-Intense pink sapphires and diamonds set in 18K Yellow gold. To complement this collection stud earrings comprising vivid Citrine oval center stones and Pink Sapphire Diamond 18K Gold earrings from the Pure Life Collection would add color and brightness around the face. Another piece that is a singular showstopper that would also complement this collection is a convertible 18K gold pedant/brooch with the most lively of yellow Sapphires, Pink Tourmaline & Diamonds.

There are a diversity of pieces and color combinations in this collection, so please stop by and have a look and let’s all be inspired by hope and a future that is all about change for the better.

Stay safe


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