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Neck in Neck

We have some news at Yoki Creations. We are developing a series of necklaces to complement our earrings in our Ocean Princess and CoCo Collections. The plant life and starfish from the deep blue bottom of the sea also acts as inspiration for a range of necklaces. We are releasing the first three featured in our sketches to give you a sneak peek and are excited to share them with you.

Our sea stars station necklace is long app. 32”-36” and features our magical spherical shapes studded with sparkly stars in yellow gold and can be worn long and loose over turtleneck, white shirt or cashmere sweater or can be doubled to sit closer on the neck to add a subtle glow to the face.

Our transformable CoCo stud earrings have influenced a necklace which features the same garland of leaves around a pave dome-shaped center. The original design was influenced the sun beaming down through the canopy of a lush tropical forest. The round-cut pavé diamonds depict a burst of light. Although the earrings can be altered to remove the garland and the dome of diamonds can be worn as studs on their own, the necklace transforms in reverse, the dome can be removed so there is a laurel of leaves that evoke the hope and positivity of new growth,

The intricate design of these 18k yellow gold earring climbers in the shape of deep-sea flora has informed a feminine, delicate design with one leaf shape in the middle of a thin but substantial cable chain as a stand-alone pendant or a perfect layering piece. Why not layer the garland and leave necklaces together?

You can also mix and mismatch these necklaces with the earrings that inspired them.

Stay tuned for the finalized pieces. We hope you will wear them with joy!


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