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Lively hues of colors defines the Spring/Summer 2019 woman's fashion

A color explosion took over the international fashion shows for spring 2019. We saw it coming. Color has been strong for a long time in both fashion and jewelry. But this season, there was a kaleidoscope of pastels, tropical hues, vivid brights, neon brights - and a collision of contrasting shades. Some of the most prevalent tones for jewelry were yellow in every permutation; pinks in a plethora of hues; greens, from pastels to acid tones, and of course all ranges of purple, a hold out from fall. Often these colors were set off by white or darker backgrounds.

At Yoki creations, we have you covered. There isn't a color in Spring's palette we have missed. We feature a representation of some of the jewels you can accessorize your Spring 2019 ready-to-wear. Since our designs are created to be modern yet enduring, these pieces will also withstand any test of time and will be part of your jewelry wardrobes for a long time to come.

Here are our picks for Spring 2019:

Not So Mellow Yellow

Think Pink

Going Green

Electric Blue

Purple Haze

All Mixed Up

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