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July’s Birthstone: Desirable Gem

Rubies, July’s Birthstone, the color of fire and blood are the gem most associated with passion and desire. Speak about a stone with a romantic past! The word ruby comes from Latin ruber, which means ‘red’, and in the ancient language of Sanskrit, Ratnaraj, which is the word for ruby or ‘king of precious stones’. Rubies were first traced to Myanmar—a source since 600AD and were revered by great European adventurers, gem hunters and experts including Marco Polo, and Jean Tavernier. These vibrantly saturated stones from pinkish red to pigeon blood were believed to hold the power of life. By medieval times they were worn as adornments and many thought them to be talismans that guaranteed wealth, wisdom, beauty, and everlasting love.

Fast forward on the 20th century and rubies became popular amongst European nobility, international icons and Hollywood actresses. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace of Monaco, The Duchess of Windsor, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor all had ruby jewels in their collections, which told of their romantic lives and sentimental journeys or their regal legacies. Many of these powerful jewels were created by the renowned houses of the day such as Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Verdura, David Webb and Bulgari and were worn in a variety of films up to the mid-20th century when actresses chose to wear their own jewels.

Speaking of films, who can forget the 1990 Pretty Woman when Richard Gere’s character Edward surprises Julia Roberts as Vivian by taking her out to the opera. When Vivian greets him in a red off-the-shoulder gown, he has a jewelry box for her to open—and playfully snaps the lid of the case on her fingers (an improvised prank by the actor). Roberts lets loose that genuine big laugh of hers, creating box office magic. The necklace is a ruby and diamond dazzler, which was custom-designed for the film by French jewelry house Fred Joaillier.

Here are some of our favorite ruby styles that are perfect for July babies or for anyone who wants to wear this desirable gem:

A playful yet chic pair of precious gemstone stud earrings for women inspired by the tropical colors and organic forms of coral. Cast from 18K white gold in an elegant fan shape with a highly polished shiny finish, the front is set with a dazzling array of rubies and diamonds whose romantic, sparkling palette captures the natural underwater glow of the reef.

Spirited and sensual, these 18K rose gold pendant drop earrings in a spherical design is set with vibrant round-cut rubies in a variety of sizes arranged to exaggerate the voluptuous forms of the style.

Elegant with a contemporary twist: This 18K rose gold ring playfully twists around the finger in an overlapping shape that represents everlasting love, tipped with highly polished orbs that add a bold statement. The band is richly encrusted with round-cut pavé rubies.

A romantic 18K white gold ring evoking the fluidity and grace of the ballet with a soft palette and simple, elegant forms. The highly polished band is offset with a swirl of vibrant round-cut melee rubies that pirouette around a large domed cabochon jade in a soft lavender hue as though it is a stage.


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