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Hues of sunsets over the mountains to crystalline of the Mediterranean Sea.

From the vivid yellow orange hues of sunsets over the mountains to the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean sea to the vibrant hues of spring flowers in bloom, color is one of my main inspirations in the collection.

Last week I spoke of the motifs and shapes that inspire me but I am also transported into a creative space by different colors I see.

I love the juxtaposition of the unexpected or the tonal blues that speak to green blues of the ocean. I am also a huge fan of mixing warm and cool colors or creating something exotic with a palette of gemstones.

Some of my favorites gemstones include the range of multi-colored tourmalines, blue, yellow and pink sapphires, red spinels, and the playful amethysts, topaz and citrines.

There is the next layer after the colors, which is the cuts of gemstones that so inspire me. I love to mix the subtle shine of a baguette or emerald cut with the vibrancy of a round brilliant. I also prefer the light of pave diamonds or sapphires as the light hits just right and they seem to be dancing around a cabochon.

The feeling I hope I am achieving is one that is dimensional and bold in the execution of the choices in colors, cuts and silhouettes. I believe the jewels you wear should be feminine yet powerful enough to make a statement about who the wearer is.

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