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Give Me A Ring…Or Two or Three

Awards season closed with major sparkle and evolving trends. The 2021 Oscars featured the first live event with a red carpet while all the other presentations were shown via Zoom. The stars were shining brightly in diamonds that night along with some other precious stones. But the most predominant theme was the return to Hollywood glamour –lavish gowns and even more beguiling jewelry.

Along with awards season, the fall 2021 international ready to wear collections were being shown, while there were much more adventurous and cutting edge styles in jewelry on the catwalk, there were some cross over directions. One in particular were rings. I am not talking thin stacking rings, although there were those as well, but I am talking fingers full of rings, bold, vivid gemstones that either sparkled with diamonds or other precious stones with a regal air or those that offered vivid colors with a more bohemian flair.

Some designers at the ready to wear shows featured two on each finger while the awards show stylists created artfully placed statement rings.

We have been creating vivid colorful rings since our inception and I continue to have an affinity for rings that mix an enchanting palette of colors in the center and accent stones or those that stand out for their singular exclusive cuts, the shanks designed to fit the size and shape of the stone.

If you want to be on trend this season yet still purchase timeless styles that will endure—here are some of my favorites that you can wear now and well into the future. For a current vibe, wear one or more on each hand. Pointer and middle fingers look best if you are a starter jewelry lover. If you are adept at curating rings on your hands, then take any anything goes approach. Mix colors, metals, shapes and sizes on one or both hands and with rings you already own.

Our Rays of Light rings features a range of four different colorways which imbue each ring with a different feeling: there are the rainbow hues, golden hues, and blue hues—which conjure up feelings of everything from garden variety botanicals, the sky after it rains, sun-drenched days at a tropical locale and calming serene ocean views.

Form and function defines the Architecture collection of rings. The geometry of both classical and modern silhouetted informs the design of each elegant statement ring. The styles are unified in form, with 18k gold settings supporting large half-dome cabochon gemstones encircled by a selection of diamonds and rubies that offer a feminine contrast to the more sleek lines.

True to its name, the Colors in the Wind collection bursts with a vibrant palette inspired by tangles of vines and flowers swaying in the breeze. Additionally, Abundant blooms of wisteria, honeysuckle and hydrangeas are poetically interpreted as singular oversized faceted precious gemstones set in highly polished 18k gold.

The warmth and exuberance of the Caribbean is re-imagined as a vibrant statement in our Pure Life collection. Set in highly polished 18K white gold, rubies and pink sapphires brim with the colors of exotic flora, while sapphires graduating from white to navy represent endless blue skies.

Our Bypass ring literally is a twist on a ring that has been around for a century. We have given it a playful spin in which it wraps around the finger then overlaps in a silhouette that is powerful in silhouette, representing the strength of everlasting love. Our version is tipped with highly polished orbs that add a bold statement.

The ease and elegance of a Little Black Dress is reinterpreted as a ring. The pared-back design is elevated with highly styled and sophisticated finishes: The 18K yellow gold band and setting have a refined matte texture that exudes a fashionable edge. The centerpiece is a domed black onyx cabochon, expressing effortless elegance.

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