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Stylized Modern Versions of Earrings That Sit Perfectly On The Lobe -

I will never forget the scene in the William Wyler 1966 film “How To Steal A Million” when one of my favorite icons of style Audrey Hepburn as the daughter of a French art forger is waiting for Peter O’Toole’s character Simon who unbeknownst to Hepburn’s character Nicole is an expert in art forgeries and a detective in a restaurant to discuss performing a heist to get one of her father’s forgeries back before he gets caught. She is in a black lace mask and diamond Cartier earrings that sat in the middle of her lobes and climbed up her ears just slightly. As usual, she was the picture of chic elegance.

During the 50s and 60s , earrings that sat on the ear were as popular in real life as they were in film. Watching many of these films during the pandemic provided me with inspiration to create more earrings that sit on the lobe or ear climbers—larger than studs yet never styles that would overpower the wearer.They have become the alternative to the multiple piercing ear party for women who prefer one bolder statement piece to wear in their ears. Some of mine as always are transformable so there is a mechanism allowing them to come apart and the center piece would become studs or shorter versions of the climbers.

Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million, 1966. Cinematography by Charles Lang.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

The Ocean Princess Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Stud Ear Climber Earrings in high polished gold that are inspired by underwater plants.

The CoCo collection Diamond 18K Gold Transformable Earrings which are surrounded by a tropical laurel leaf and feature a diamond pave dome in the center—the surround comes off so that the diamond pave domes can be worn as studs.

The Ocean Princess collection inspired colorful sea life pink sapphires, tsavorites and diamond 18K blackened gold Stud Ear-Climbers.

The Ocean Princess collection rubies and diamond 18K White Gold earrings that sit perfectly on the lobes.

The CoCo collection diamond and 18K yellow gold on the ear-earrings that are textured with high polished and brushed finishes, accented by diamonds and inspired by the sunlight glistening through tropical leafs.

The Palmy green leaves of the Ocean Princess collection’s tsavorite, diamond set in 18K blackened and white gold earrings.


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