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For the man who doesn't want to stand out too much or blend in with the crowd...

There is always one or a list of jewels that our mother is hankering for which makes Mother's day an easy holiday to navigate. Our dads are a bit different--many would rather have new high tech gadget or tickets to a sporting event. But there are always dad's who possess personal style and/or need to wear classical suits to work.  For this men, we have the perfect gift for this upcoming Father's Day: our platinum and gemstone cufflinks.

Refined, with a streamlined architectural feel, they can update a tailored look imbuing with individuality.  They are also created from classic materials and are in silhouettes that have and will continue to endure the test of time.

Like all Yoki Creations, we think the details are key to our collections and we design around our beautiful selection of colored gemstones.  We also believe in looks that transcend age and demographic groups and have created subtle, well-proportioned links that are masculine yet elegant and are an update on Art Deco designs. 

Our featured looks for Father's Day include black Onyx, Malachite, Labradorite and blue Moonstone for the man who doesn't want to stand out too much but neither, does he want to blend in with the crowd.

We love seeing our dads dressed in some sort of jewelry--other than their watch and wedding band.  Our shapes include square, oval and other geometric forms.

Labradorite Cufflink set in sterling silver

If your dad or husband who understands that you are the real gems in his life but also can appreciate something precious on his wrists then please contact us and we will ensure Father's Day is special for your cufflink connoisseur.

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