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Earrings in every conceivable silhouette ...

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Choose from an array of styles of earrings from our collection. Over the past two years earrings in every conceivable silhouette have been witnessing a renaissance on the red carpet, the Couture runways and on our customers. And why not?

Earrings are the closest jewel to a women's face, lending a subtle or more dramatic glow, lighting up her eyes and bringing out her inherent beauty. We believe in color around the face with the shimmer and shine that comes from diamond accents. We also believe in ultra long, pendant drops and everything in between. Our earrings are substantial looking but never too heavy that they drag down the lobe. We have modeled them around some of the prettiest and most popular shapes throughout history. Additionally we do custom work and can change out our colors for gemstones that you feel are more compelling with your style. As a high jewelry house, we can create one-of-a-kind designs or limited editions based on our collection.

Our three dimensional rose gold and ruby teardrop-shaped pendant drops.

Our close to the ear citrine starburst style earrings with a sprinkle of twinkling pink sapphires and diamonds.

Our more abstract open oval pendant drops with Amethyst, light pink sapphires and asymmetrical clusters of turquoise cabochons.

Our linear diamond earrings, inspired by Art Deco styles with a pop of color in tanzanite and pink tourmaline bezel set stones.

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