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A Season Of Glamour and Drama

From Red Carpet Awards season to the fall 2019/20 Runways, jewelry stole the spotlight, from dramatic statement necklaces and pendants to a range of linear, chandelier and bold studs and drops. There were also plenty of stacks of bracelets with an Art Deco feeling and rings that had an antique feeling or more gutsy cocktail styles. What I love most about the winter season of awards and runways is not the crazy cold weather we've been having but the ice---lots of diamonds on the red carpet--and the color looks that follow the same inspiration on the international ready-to-wear runways. 

I also have a deep affinity for brooches that turn into pendants that also can be worn on the side of or deep V back of a gown or in the hair.

At Yoki Creations,  we are ready for the new season, should you want looks that have the feeling and the elegance of the red carpet and the creativity and attitude of the runway.

Here are some of those looks:

Longing For It

Swing Time

Drop Down

Broaching Brooches

Ring Me

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