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Men in Jewels

Brooches began to make a comeback for women around five years ago—worn in the hair, in bunches on a lapel, the waist or side of or back of a deep V dress or gown or a denim jacket. Basically, anywhere where you wear them. Then, the men began to get in on the action. At first I thought it would be just a fleeting trend at one or two awards shows but it has proven to take off—what is known as the “man brooch” turns up at every red carpet event on a variety of A-list actors, comedians and music performers. And they look good.

If you look deep into the past, royalty, noblemen and the dandies of the Edwardian era all wore brooches or pins on their lapels. So, it’s not surprising that the trend began with antique or vintage brooches from the renowned houses. And, today those same houses are resurrecting brooch designs in their men’s fine jewelry collections. This year alone, at the awards shows Timothée Chalamet,John Legend, Trevor Noah, Jared Leto and Regé-Jean Page have all worn brooches to various awards and all looked as if they belonged on their stylish tuxedo. It’s a trend we see going into the future—not only for celebrities but real men on the streets. Perhaps it will be the guys in creative industries or those that work for themselves that can pull them off best.

Here are some of our favorite designs that we see as easily on men as we do on women. All have the ability to be turned into a pendant but it might be too soon for men in statement necklaces and a tux.

Diamonds and Blue Sapphires convertible 18K White Gold Brooch Serpent brooch. Snakes are perfect for any gender and this one is no exception with its deep blues and sparkling diamonds.

The Secret Medieval Garden, Green Amethyst Diamond Brooch evokes a fantastical secret garden surrounded by a wrought iron railing re-imagined as an entrancing and entrance making brooch for the man who needs to attend gala occasions.

Blue and Yellow Sapphires, Diamonds & Lapis Lazuli 18K Two-tone Gold Brooch-Pendant is a study in geometry with its positive/negative circles and can work on a lapel with any texture tux in black, navy or deep gunmetal grey.


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