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King of Precious Stones

There are times when culture aspects have a way of colliding and meshing together in jewelry and fashion trends and this is definitely one of those moments. Rubies in both antique and modern styles are having a heyday again. And if you are a July baby then you are lucky enough to claim this gem with a rich and legendary history as your birthstone. Rubies speak of romance and passion, in part due to the fact that they are the color of fire and blood. The word ruby comes from Latin ruber, which means ‘red’, and in the ancient language of Sanskrit, Ratnaraj, which is the word for ruby or 'king of precious stones’.

Rubies were revered by great European adventurers, gem hunters and experts including Marco Polo, and Jean Tavernier and they were first traced to were first traced to Myanmar. By medieval times they were worn as adornments and many thought them to be talismans that guaranteed wealth, wisdom, beauty, and everlasting love.

In the 20 th century and rubies became popular amongst European nobility, international icons and Hollywood actresses. Some purchased these pieces themselves while others received them as gifts, They appeared in films that the actresses who owned them starred in . Marlene Dietrich wore her Van Cleef & Arpels ruby bracelet in Stage Fright. Van Cleef & Arpels also created breathtaking pieces for The Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor. Cartier also created pieces for Taylor and the Tiara detachable diamond and ruby cabochon clip that Princes s Grace of Monaco wore in her

wedding photo and then as clips for the rest of her life.

If we fast forward to 1990, we get a glimpse of how a piece of jewelry could advance a scene in a film.. In Pretty Woman when Richard Gere’s character Edward surprises Julia Roberts as Vivian by taking her out to the opera, she greets him in a red off-the-shoulder gown and he has a jewelry box for her to open with a gleaming necklace o rubies and diamonds, custom-designed for the movie by French jewelry house Fred Joaillier.

Back to the present, this fire-y stone with its radiating glow and intensity seduces like no other colored gem. At Yoki creations we choose a more irreverent approach than one huge stone or pieces that are so dresses that they could only be worn on ultra-special occasions . We created drop pendant earrings in 18K gold with a dazzling effect of pave set rubies in a three-dimensional elongated teardrop dangling from the ear. In one of rings we took a totally modern stance and did a cross over ring that is bold and daring, also covered with sparkling pave set melee rubies for the woman who wants a style that elegant and relevant for today.

Cross Over Ruby Ring in 18k Rose Gold.

Drop Ruby earrings in 18K rose gold.

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