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Cocktails Anyone?

We love stacking rings as much as the next woman, but we strongly believe in the ease and luxury in the statement ring—that one ring that you can wear on any finger on your right hand that draws attention and starts conversations.

At Yoki, our statement rings are imbued with an unexpected mix of color or a pared-down designer—all designed with a chic sophistication and an elegance that evokes the essence of high jewelry.

Our mothers and grandmothers first wore these large stone eye-catching rings in 40’s-50’s to attend cocktail parties in the new suburbia — and this is where they received their name. We have modernized the look and offer these styles three styles among others. As with all of our jewelry—we can customize any style with different stones or create one-of-a-kind pieces based on your individual tastes and the rings you see here:

Our oval cut deep Fuschia tourmaline ring with deep amethyst pave work on the shank for a more dramatic, glamorous take on the statement ring.

For an attention-getting stand out ring,

For an attention-getting stand out ring, we offer our version of the by-pass style in rose gold with pave rubies. Strong and feminine at the same time.

For women who prefer bold but more streamlined, we have designed this 18K gold onyx cabochon ring with a wide matte finish shank. It’s the ring you can wear with everything in your wardrobe and our version of the Little Black Dress.

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